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Over the last 37 years, Mr. Samuelson has been a valued partner as an owner and investment advisor. He is a respected national investment advisor and an accomplished real estate investor.  He has provided investment advisory services to billions of dollars of commingled and separate accounts for institutions, foundations, public and individual investors. As a real estate investor, his partners rely daily on his real estate skills to manage the firm's developments and investments in the western United States.

As President of CBRE Investors (formerly Coldwell Banker Capital Management Services) he was responsible for over one $1 billion in investments across the United States including 6 commingled funds and 8 separate accounts. Investors included A.T.T, City and County of San Francisco, Dow Chemical, Hughes Aircraft and ACRO while completing the first full cycle institutional fund in the US with its successful disposition at 5% over the funds valuation. As President of T. Rowe Price Realty Advisers he developed America’s first no-loan real estate fund raising and investing $300 million in capital with properties in 10 states. As Managing Director of AEW’s Asset and Portfolio Management he managed over $5 billion in real estate across the country – including the Sears Tower, Chicago and all property types – industrial, office, retail and residential for ATT, State Street Bank, General Motors, Singapore, and City and County of San Francisco. As Managing Partner of Samuelson Partners manages and develops property in the western US with Xerox, Sun Microsystems, Walgreen’s, Safeway, EDS, and Prudential as major tenants, Northwestern Life Company, RREEF, South Accord (Hong Kong) as investment partners Bank of America, City National Bank, Teachers Associates, MetLife, Northwest Mutual and Prudential of England as lenders.