Samuelson Partners  |  5000 Edenhurst Ave  |  Los Angeles, CA 90039  |  818.500.0155
Private Developers. Strategic Partners

For more than half a century, Samuelson Partners has been developing, building and managing dynamic properties that help define the way we work, live and grow

Today we have evolved from Master Builder to Developer and beyond, conceiving new projects and assembling the resources that allow our partner companies to carry on that work.

Samuelson Partners has built its reputation through unwavering belief in five key principles:

❖  Quality

❖  Innovation

❖  Community

❖  Vision

❖  Integrity
It is our ongoing pursuit of these same principles that will help us to maintain our consistent record of growth in decades to come.  In all developments, we strive to maintain a balance of quality, competitiveness, and creativity.  We demonstrate this philosophy everyday as we carry out the high standards we've dedicated ourselves to each project.