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Private Developers. Strategic Partners

The organization has seven unique local partnerships with a total of more than 200 years of experience:

  • Samuelson Hornaday - located in Phoenix, Arizona with a focus on business/office parks and shopping center

  • Currie Samuelson - located in San Diego with a focus on land development and business/office parks

  • Samuelson Schafer - located in Northern California with a focus on infill urban development which holds a collection of office, residential and mixed-use properties

  • Samuelson & Fetter - located in Sourthern California with focus on urban office and infill mixed-use development

  • Samuelson McKone - located in Phoenix, Arizona with a focus on industrial properties

  • Beacon Housing - located in Los Angeles with a focus on affordable housing projects; both family living and transitional

  • Highland Construction - located in Los Angeles, provides quality construction and construction management services