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Private Developers. Strategic Partners

Co-founded Samuelson Brothers in 1946 to engage in general construction. This closely held company incorporated in 1957 and Mr. Samuelson has been the President and Chairman of the Board from incorporation to the present.  Samuelson Brothers sold its construction business in 1979, and continued development activities have continued under Samuelson Properties.  Current operations continue in industrial and commercial real estate in major cities in the western states, with headquarters in Los Angeles and partnerships in key cities.

Mr. Samuelson was born in Los Angles, and graduated from Occidental College in 1947 after attending Naval Officers School at Cornell University and service as a naval gunnery officer in World War II.  He is recipient of numerous awards and honors for business, civic, and philanthropic activities among them appointment to the Royal Order of Saint John by Queen Elizabeth.  He continues to be active on many Boards, including Occidental College, Southern California Presbyterian Homes, and American Health Care Properties.